Ok That’s it!

After 4 letters for complaining
Ultimately, I… can… add …the… NEW…entry
It took me so long time to wait for a reply, I doubted whether I still could remember how to write a blog at this place. ^^;
It’s a wonderful world. However, you should get to know when and how to fight for your rights at the right time.
Maybe they wont publicly claim to have something wrong in their projects, but they do will help you out of the problem.


3 responses to “Ok That’s it!

  1. 一共写了4封信,两封给中文的支持系统,两封给美国的支持系统结果 中文的回复了一封,言辞平淡,还牛头不对马嘴英文的回复虽慢,可是语气较客气,虽然还是有点牛头不对马嘴第一封建议我使用IE来浏览MSN Blog =_||||||第二封建议我删除IE的临时文件和降低Cookie的警告等级 =_||||我当然没有傻到以为这样就能解救我的blog不过,这第二封言辞极其客气,在它到来之前,我还收到一份来自客户中心关于服务质量的表格调查表。这封信让我嗅到友好的气息于是乎再次登陆msn就出现需要答应协议的画面然后,神气发现blog又可以添加新item了就好像一切都没有发生过一样他们也从来不用承认曾经你的程序给用户造成了多大的麻烦

  2. ^^; 希望如此?…. 哈哈哈哈哈 汗水这真的不是一件好玩的事情也我现在发现自己的邮箱中常常会出现调查表反馈表之类的东西其实 出现支票汇票是最好的 !!o ( ^_____^ ) o

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