Still believe in Miracles?

When there is no reply to all my requires, to be honest, I gave up for quite a long time.
Whenever I got up or went to bed, I would firstly check my cell phone, mailbox and messenger.
There was no surprise at all.

I could not help but wonder, was I deserted by the world or the world was deserted by me?
Is there a rule controls everything going on? If it was true, why should I always wait for a reply that never came to me?

I heard my cell phone ringing with an unknown number. My heart started to beat…

Is it true that I was finally noticed by "IT" ? Or is it just a miracle ? Whatever it is, please let it keep going on. I was waiting for such a long time. ( T_T )

Anyhow, I wish I wasn’t so confused and I wish I could get what I want. XD


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