A New Drug Blocks HIV From Entering Cells

I can hardly believe it, is it true?

durable new drug that prevents HIV from entering human cells and causes
almost no side effects has been developed by a team of researchers at
Kumamoto University. The new drug, code named AK602,
was reported by the research team’s leader, Hiroaki Mitsuya, at the
International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific in Kobe on
Tuesday. The drug’s main feature is that it shuts out the AIDS virus at
the point when it tries to intrude into a human cell. Current AIDS
medicines can lose their effectiveness in a few days when the virus
changes and develops a resistance to those drugs. But AK602 is different because it reacts to human cells instead of attacking the virus, Mitsuya said.

He said the drug sticks to a protein called CCR5 that acts as an
entrance into human cells for the AIDS virus. When the new drug becomes
attached to the protein, it can prevent HIV from entering, and thus
stop the virus from spreading. The researchers conducted clinical tests
on 40 AIDS patients in the United States. AK602 not only proved
effective against viruses that had become resistant to ther drugs, but
it also caused almost no side effects, the team said.



2 responses to “A New Drug Blocks HIV From Entering Cells

  1. 这是刚出实验室,离临床还很远呢。现在声称有疗效的药物很多了,但是药检的种种手续会把它们筛掉很多的。

  2. 谁知道呢,前段时间听说中国发明AIDS疫苗,还以为开玩笑,结果现在已经临床1期尾声了 =_|||

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