Google Desktop 2 Beta Released

Google has just released an update to it’s popular desktop search software. Google Desktop 2 beta adds a sidebar, expanding from the product’s previous focus as a search tool to a full fledged desktop enhancement. By default, the sidebar comes bundled with individual panels for e-mail, news, web clips (RSS/XML feeds), photos, quick view (recent documents), stocks, and scratch pad for taking notes. As of now, five additional panels are available as a seperate download. Google has provided us with a fun distrorting clock, Time Warp, a todo list, and System Monitor. Airbear Software also has two plugins available. gdTunes controls iTunes from the sidebar, and Adsense Status displays information from your Google Adsense account. A developer SDK is available for those interested in writing their own sidebar plug-ins.

暫時,Google看来是準備全面進攻Desktop Software市場。Google Desktop 1的確非常好用。如果你是對電腦不太在意的人,用這個是再好不過的選擇。不過,對Advanced用戶來説,使用Google Desktop還是三思而行。因爲它會在你硬碟裏面裝上體積相當龐大的Cashe(一般會大於1G)。比較體積和性能比,相信我,絕對比這個更方便的東西,比如專門文件管理類型軟体Total Commander或好的整理文件習慣。

現在新推出的版本2,附加了將會在新Windows系統新特色出現的Sidebar。包含的内容多達:郵件通知,新聞,RSS Feeds,相冊,最近使用文檔,股票和便簽。另外,你還可以在插件區找到另外其它功能:桌面時鐘,備忘錄,系統資源顯示,媒體播放器等

Download Google Desktop 2 Beta
Download Additional plug-ins


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